About St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Our Mission Statement

We are joyful Children of God extending God's love to individuals, families, and the world through worship, fellowship, and service. Approved by Vestry, April 21, 1998

Church Demographics

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church
3300 Cedar Lane
Portsmouth, VA 23703

(757) 484-5155


Demographics: Mixed
Service: Liturgical
Locale: Suburban
Attendance: 65


Who's Who At St. Christopher's?


Bishop- The Rt. Rev. Herman Hollerith, IV

Rector- The Rev. Eileen P. Walsh

Administrative Secretary- John McQuarry

Director of Music Ministries- Linda Darden-Boles

Treasurer- Bill Anspach Register- Cathy Cannon


School Custodian- Ray Reveles Church Custodian- Catherine Hunt
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