Feeding the Hungry

St. Christopher's History with the Holiday Food Basket Project


In 1997, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church sponsored a family for Christmas. This was the typical angel tree and we had gifts for the kids, parent and shopping cards for Walmart and Food lion. We spent over $800.00 on this one family. They were appreciative and definitely had a wonderful Christmas that year. Some of us thought that we could serve a lot more families in need with the $800.00 by doing something different. At that time, St. Christopher's was a host church for SHARE, a non-profit community building organization, offering a nutritious food package ($28 - $30 value) to anyone for $14.00 and two hours of community service. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Share offered a holiday basket with all the fixings that would serve a family of 4 - 6 people for $15.00. We figured that by buying the holiday baskets and distributing them, we could serve many more families rather than supporting one family with an angel tree. In 1998, we applied for the Seeds of Hope Grant through the Dioceses of Southern Virginia. The grant provides a one time $1500 seed grant to parishes looking to provide a service to the community. We got it. We decided that each following year we would use the Christmas loose offering to start off the fund raising for the holiday baskets each year. In 1998, we had enough to purchase and distribute 104 baskets. Through the Christmas offering, Virginia Juvenile Justice and private donations we raise enough funds to purchase our goal of baskets each year. We get the referrals through VJJA, Full Circle and Oasis Social Ministries and all of the recipients our in the Tidewater\Hampton Roads area. Most of them live in Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Suffolk.

1998 - 104 baskets

2009 - 193 baskets


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